Blitz Phoenix


These pages are intended to be spoiler-free and contain some background information on the characters. But when I say "spoiler-free", I still mean you shouldn't go looking up characters you haven't read up to in the story yet, because you may be disappointed.

Characters by Image - (Ordered by Introduction Order)

Amanda Breyken, Dr.
Terry Breyken
David Breyken
Michael Callinway, Dr.
Valerie Mira, Dr.
Gregory Johansen, Dr.
Makoto Nagano, Dr.
Gertrude Willows, Dr.
Blitzen (Reindeer Circuit)
Charlie Breyken
Felix Harper
Marcus Weikes
Natalya Stonewall
Jessica Harper
[BPA] Takeo Blitz
[BPA] Kain Firestorm
[BPA] Ariel Celesta
[BPA] Gator Gang
Gabriel Larson
Principal Mallory
[BPA] Frankie Wildwood
Seth Hazard