Chapter 10, Page 16

Chapter 10, Page 16

Hey everyone. I really hate to say it, but I need to take a break. I've been working 51-54 hour weeks since December trying to finish up an unrelated project for a client. I'd expected to be done in March, but I'm only getting to the almost-finished stages of it now. I'm exhausted and it's been really difficult to deal with life in general lately, so something has to change.

So, starting today, Blitz Phoenix is on a short hiatus.

The comic will resume on July 4th. I considered bumping the update schedule down to one a week like I usually do, but I really need time to recharge and slim down the number of things I'm focusing on. Anything beyond portrait shots has been difficult lately, and anytime I need to change the script it sets me back at least three days, because I just can't focus enough to write. So, in short, I think the best thing to do right now is to put it on hold.

Patrons: I'll continue posting pages on Patreon, however this won't be on any sort of schedule. It'll just be as I finish them, which means it may be inconsistent. You're always free to revoke your pledge if you don't like this, and I apologize how updates have been there recently.

Email, comment, or tweet me if you need me. I'll still be around, just trying to catch my breath and build up a buffer for July.

Thanks everyone for reading, I really appreciate it and hope you'll be back in July.


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