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Like Blitz Phoenix? Wanna help the comic out? Here's a few things you can do to help support the comic. I've divided the page into paid and free options. These are both very helpful and I don't want to downplay the importance of either, so please look through the list and see if there's anything you think you'd be willing to do.

Monetary Support

Subscribe on my Patreon!
Support Me On Patreon

Patreon is a site that basically lets you opt into a subscription for tipping an artist. Patrons get early-access to the latest pages, as well as bonus wallpapers and behind-the-scenes extras.

My patreon page is here, please consider becoming a patron!

Send me a tip with Paypal!
Tip Once Through PayPal

If you want to tip me without the commitment of becoming a subscriber, you can do one-time payments through my page.

eBooks Available on GumRoad!

Currently there are only free ebooks available, but you have the option to tip me if you want. ;) It's totally fine if you just get it for free, though - that's why that option's available!

Buy a shirt on Zazzle
Buy a T-Shirt

You can get a t-shirt at the Zazzle store. And if there's anything you want to see on a t-shirt, let me know!

Don't forget that most of the merchandise in that store is customizable, so if you see something that's not quite what you want, try to edit it and see if you can make it fit you better.

Free Support

Social Media!
Follow the Social Media Pages

If you aren't already following the Facebook page, you should head over and Like it. Sharing or Liking the posts there can help the comic reach more people, and new eyes on the comic is always helpful!

Blitz Phoenix doesn't have its own Twitter, but I am very active there on my own account and I mostly talk about comics. As with the Facebook page, Likes and Retweets help bring new readers in.
I'll be honest, I vastly prefer Twitter to Facebook, so I'm there almost all the time. Come chat with me!

Vote on TWC!
Vote on TopWebComics

This is crazy helpful; being high on the rankings brings more people to the site (because... you know... it's more noticable). You're allowed to vote once a day per IP address. You can vote for as many comics as you like every day, so I'd encourage you to vote for any comics you're a fan of. Create an account there to manage a Favorites list to make daily voting easy!

Here's the TWC page for Blitz Phoenix. Please add it to your favorites and toss a vote!

Tell Your Friends! Link to Us!

Word of mouth is GREAT for helping to bring in new readers. Please share the comic!

If you have your own website, you can grab one of the banners I've made and link to the site.