Blitz Phoenix
Blitz Phoenix - Chapter 13, Page 51

Chapter 13, Page 51

That's the end of the chapter! Because this chapter has been so long (and exhausting on my end), I've decided I'm going to take a short break before starting the next one.

Chapter 14 will start on January 1st. That'll give me time to get things situated and deal with the holidays.

In the meantime, if you want some extra content, I'm going to be doing lore writeups over on Patreon. There's already one up for Takeo that gets pretty in-depth while sticking only to things that have been shown so far. And, since there was some confusion in the comments about how Circuit powers work (modes, weaknesses, etc) there will be a couple posts to address Circuits in particular. Plus a few other things I'd like to share, over the course of December. So check that out if it sounds good to you! Just $1 for that.

If you're in the U.S., have a happy Thanksgiving.

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