Blitz Phoenix
Blitz Phoenix - Chapter 14, Page 1

Chapter 14, Page 1 (Title)

Happy new year, everyone! The comic is posting again, but I wanted to let you know that through January, it's going to be on a one-a-week (Monday) schedule. We'll go back to two-a-week (Mon/Wed) starting February 5th.

Without getting too deep into details, last year I started dealing with a lot of physical pain that's directly being caused by making comics (plus my day job). I tried to manage it on my own for a while, but in Nov/Dec it reached the point where it kept me from sleeping. I've gotten treatment for it now and am working with a therapist so it doesn't happen again, but the short-end is I don't really have comics prepared for this month. (Plus December was just crazy busy; usually it's my slow month.)

The slow update schedule is to give myself breathing room while I get back on track. Sorry to slow things down so much lately, but life's been out of my control for a bit now.

If you're subscribed to my Patreon, I'm going to be doing 1-2 updates a week, based on how fast I'm able to get pages done. Check today's post there for more details!

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